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Correctly create budget for spectacle wearers

Lying glasses

The subject of glasses can be found in almost no financial planning, which I think is a bit of a shame, because glasses and the costs for them can be saved very well. And even without a lot of effort. Glasses are definitely not that common, but that’s why it’s …

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Gradually reduce overdraft facility

If you don’t want to use an installment loan to reduce your overdraft facility, you can gradually reduce it. We did that in this way and it worked absolutely well. Although at this point I can really only recommend thinking about an installment loan and rescheduling, for cost reasons alone. …

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Minimalism on the bookshelf

Until recently, the bookshelf looked like a disaster with us. Completed until it stops. In principle, we still had to squeeze in new books. Every now and then a book was simply relocated and ended up somewhere else. Over the past few years, we have increasingly switched to eBooks *. …

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