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Minimalism on the bookshelf

Until recently, the bookshelf looked like a disaster with us. Completed until it stops. In principle, we still had to squeeze in new books. Every now and then a book was simply relocated and ended up somewhere else.

Over the past few years, we have increasingly switched to eBooks *. So new books were almost only bought in the electronic version.

Mucking out – but how?

I would now like to explain to you how we did it. You are also welcome to do this on your bookshelf. My wife and I once sat down together one evening and put all the books on the table.

Now we all went through one after the other and simply sorted out. Everything we have read has gone. Then we also disposed of books like “Cooking for professionals with discount products – The best recipes 2003”.

Anything that was not justified could go away. When we saw the “keep” bunch, we were a little surprised. This was actually much smaller than the “away” bunch.

Give up books instead of throwing them away

You can still sell the sorted copies wonderfully. You will not believe what book you can still get, what has been dusting your shelf for several years.

There are several portals on the Internet that specialize in the purchase of such sorted books. One of them is momox . Here you enter the ISBN numbers one after the other and get a price for each book. Finally, you send everything in one package and get the money transferred to your account. It couldn’t be easier.


You should really muck out here radically. In the long run, it only takes up your space. Since I didn’t look at the watch, I would spontaneously say that it didn’t take 2 hours until we finally packed the package.


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