Why am I blogging (still)?

I’ve heard this question a few times. Kind of weird, I think. Why do you have to ask me such a question? Some of them have never read my blog here or only briefly scanned it. You can’t really call that reading.

Does it have to make sense?

There are several reasons why I blog at all. The first and most important thing for me is that writing here is a kind of diary. Of course, I don’t write here what the color of my urine was in the morning, but rather just what moves me. What do I think about, what affects me …

The second reason for me is the expertise. I like to share my expertise and therefore like to put myself on display. Haha, that sounds extremely macho and exaggerated arrogance. But that’s not exactly it.

I am neither omniscient nor do I have the right to refer others or to patronize. My only concern is that I simply know a lot about money and various (many) subtopics. I’ve been through a lot when it comes to money matters. My home page sheds some light on this. I put this knowledge online here and share it with others.

Why the whole thing?

This has resulted in a number of books. Incidentally, this is the third point. Of course, with my online presence, I would like to successively increase awareness and thus earn money. The child has to have a name. The books are part of it, this blog another. Youtube, podcast is added. Not all in great style, but I’m there and I’m trying to establish it.

On this blog I’m basically talking to myself. Permanent, constant. So far, there are very few comments here, which makes communication difficult. But that’s not what I’m really concerned with. In addition, the comments are also switched off for some posts.

Rather, it is about the knowledge and information about me, my person and my life, which is kept here forever.


I would like to look back on a kind of life’s work. As strange and stupid as that sounds. But that’s exactly it.

I want to establish the debt goblin and brand myself. What could be better than a homemade t-shirt with the goblin on it ?!

I hope I was able to answer the question of why I still blog reasonably reasonably.


Dieser Blog ist mein persönlicher Beitrag zur finanzieller Bildung in Deutschland. Ich versuche mit meinen Texten und Beiträgen in erster Linie meine eigene Situation aufzuzeigen. Mit Witz und Charme gepaart bringe ich außerdem das Thema Geld und dessen Verwaltung auf dein Smartphone und deinen PC. Was mache ich? Wie mache ich es? Wozu mache ich es? Das sind die Kernthemen dieses Blogs.

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